The Bauska region can be called the cultural tourism metropolis of Latvia. Here you can get to know the main stages of art and architecture in a concentrated way, starting from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism up to the modern farmstead. Latvia's most magnificent castles and manors can be seen within a 10 km radius around Bauska.

In order not to get lost in the wide offer and not to miss the objects that you should definitely see during your visit, we have prepared a list of "TOP 12 most popular tourist objects". 

Take a look, get inspired and meet Bauska!


Rundāle Palace Museum – The pearl of Zemgale (southern part of Latvia)

Rundāle Palace ensemble is the most outstanding monument of baroque and rococo architecture and art in Latvia, the French garden of the palace spreads over an area of 10 hectares.

The main offer of Rundāle Palace is touring of the rooms and sightseeing interior items. 45 of the 138 rooms of the palace are available to visitors, they can be walked throught independently or with a guide. All rooms have been furnished according to their usage in the 18th century. In the summer, visitors to the palace garden are delighted by the rose garden, which consists of 2,400 varieties of roses, 670 of which are historical roses. In May, the French garden is full of tulips. Every year, various events take place in the palace garden - a garden festival, an early music festival, spring and autumn plant markets, as well as Liepāja symphony orchestra concerts.

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Bauska Castle Museum

The only restored Renaissance, Mannerist style castle in Latvia, which consists of two parts. The oldest - the Livonian Order Castle - was built in the middle of the 15th century, but only ruins have survived to this day. The newest one – the residence of the Kurzeme dukes – was built at the end of the 16th century. Bauska Castle characterizes the military architecture in Latvia of the 15th-17th centuries.

Its oldest part is the only fortress of the Livonian Order built specifically for the use of firearms, while the newest part is a residence-type castle fortified with bastions, defensive walls and earthen ramparts. The building is the only partially preserved residence of the Dukes of Kurzeme and Zemgale - Ketler. Interior, historical expositions and art exhibitions can be viewed in the 28 rooms of the castle. Educational programmes are available, events and concerts are organized regularly. It is definitely worth visiting the tower, which offers a wonderful view over the rivers of Mūsa and Mēmele!

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Open-air museum "Ausekļu mill"

The name "Ausekļu mill" is heard throughout Latvia twice a year, when the traditional Sowing and Reaping festival is organized here, but what is available here on a daily basis?

The open-air museum was created as a Latvian farmstead with wooden houses, a water mill, a windmill, a sauna, a granary and a barn. Exhibitions are created in the buildings, which consist of a collection of ancient tools, vehicles, household and household items. All this can be seen accompanied by a guide. Gastronomy lovers will also have something to do here - sign up for a pancake tasting, or if you want to do it yourself – bake some pies or bread!

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Mini Zoo "Dobuļi"

This is the right place for all animal lovers, open to visitors all year round. In "Dobuļi" you can get acquainted with a diverse and interesting collection of wild animals, domestic animals, as well as birds. Here you will meet an alpaca girl named Huanita, a donkey named Adele, a camel named Mūza and get to know many other inhabitants of the mini zoo. By the way, the month of babies' births is approaching and the first newborn kangaroos have already been welcomed in "Dobuļi".

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Bauska Motor Museum

A paradise for men, or a motor museum - a place to spend time getting to know and learn about ancient vehicles. In the Bauska branch of Riga Motor Museum, you will see a wide collection of light and heavy cars. Various and rare vehicles have been found on the roads of Latvia in the 30s of the 20th century, as well as in the post-war period.

Here you can see a collection of military equipment with rare specimens and an important addition to the exposition with the legendary experimental exhibits of the Riga Bus Factory (RAF). School groups are very welcome to attend the technically creative workshops, during which they have the opportunity to make a bouncing ball or a wind generator. Thematic tours and exhibitions are often organized here.

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Rabbit town

If you are longing for fresh air and want to get into a rural environment, then this will be the right place to spend time. Designed as a miniature town with residential houses, a church and a town hall, this outdoor attraction is home to hundreds of rabbits, but they are not the only residents of the town. Here you will meet poultry, goats and other domestic animals, as well as highland cattles. A visit to the "Rabbit Town" makes everyone happy - both children and adults.

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Rundale water mill

Quite recently, a new tourist attraction - the Rundāle Watermill Museum - has opened in the very center of Pilsrundāle village. When visiting the mill, you are given the opportunity to study the principles of its operation, “O. J. Keller" mill grain processing machines, follow the path of the grain through the wooden shafts to the flour bag.

There is a large children's playground on the territory of the mill, and water equipment rental is offered in the pond - boats, SUP boards and water bikes. It is advisable to book the inventory rental in advance! Don't miss out - a project will be implemented very soon, with the aim of creating a small brewery and starting beer production. Rundāle mill will produce both light and dark beer.

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Bauska town hall

The construction of the Bauska town hall began in 1616, it stood in its original form until 1852, when the tower and then the second floor of the building were demolished, but the first floor of the town hall was preserved until 2010. In the 17th century, this was the most luxurious town hall in the whole Duchy of Kurzeme and Zemgale, and even today this building delights the guests of Bauska with its splendor.

Currently, the Bauska town hall houses the registry office and the tourist information center, the exposition "Weigh and measure in Bauska", where it is possible to get weighted and measured and get a certificate in the ancient units of measurement. On the second floor of the town hall, there is an interior exhibition. Tours of the town hall are free, you only need to book in advance!

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Mežotne hilfort and church 

Mežotne hilfort was once one of the largest the ancient Semmigalian fortifications in the 9th - 13th centuries, nowadays this is a nice place for walks with a children's playground and picnic areas, with a viewing platform that overlooks the river Lielupe and its other cost. In the children's area, there is a "Bright Ant Trail", where the younger visitors can learn about the unique inhabitants of the hillfort. With the help of a smartphone, it is possible to bring to life the virtual characters, the ancient Semmigalians - Madie, Zīle and Māra. Download the "SAN" app and point your camera at the sky.

A cultural space has been arranged in the renovated Mežotne church, while the mezzanine floors of the tower houses an exposition dedicated to the historical events on the Mežotne hillfort. Reconstructions of ancient Semmigalian archaeological costumes and jewelry can also be viewed. Those interested have the opportunity to climb the tower and see the Zemgale plain. There is a pedestrian bridge over Lielupe (350 m) near the hillfort, which connects the hillfort with the territory of Mežotne Palace, but it is available from May to mid-October.

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Zvirgzde dune

Zvirgzde dune is considered as one of the highest inland dunes in Latvia, the relative height of its massif in the Western part is 4-8 meters, in the East the height reaches up to 32.5 meters. To observe the immediate surroundings from the dune, a viewing platform has been installed here, which offers a wonderful view over the tops of the pine trees. It is possible to get to it via a marked walking path that leads through the forest, or to climb up the wooden stairs. Returning to the foot of the dune, you can catch your breath and take a rest at the canopy.

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Recreation complex "Miķelis" 

The right place for a peaceful rest. The recreation complex includes a machine museum and an open-air museum "Farmstead", a modern four-star hotel and restaurant, a large children's playground is available.

The Machine Museum exhibits the largest collection of tractors in the Baltics and a large collection of cars, trucks and special vehicles, while the furniture, dishes, clothes and tools located in the buildings of the "Farmstead" reflect the work and living conditions of farmers and rural artisans in Zemgale in the first half of the 20th century. Lovers of nature have the opportunity to spend time boating or swimming.

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Bauska Museum

Bauska Museum is located in the center of the old town, in the building of the former "Kurzeme" hotel. The collection of the museum consists of more than 61 thousand items: antiques, photographs, documents, books, furniture, work tools, household items and other historical evidence.

Families with children will enjoy the toy exhibition "Time to play", whilst adults will enjoy the interactive show “Adventure in Bauska in the 20th century”. Art exhibitions and events are organized regularly, the Folk Applied Art Studio "Bauska" also operates in this building.

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