Zvirgzde White dune is believed to be one of the highest inland dunes in Latvia. The Zvirgzde dune tract is a part of the Taurkalne plane parabolic dune tract, located between the former Zemgale Dam Lake and the Baltic Ice lake. In the West, the height of the dune tract reaches 4 - 8 m, while in the East – up to 32.5 m. It is estimated that the dune formed about 11,700 to 14,000 years BC.
The Zvirgzde dune is the highest point in the area of Vecumnieki. Every year on the 22nd of September the Balts Union Day celebrations take place here – this is a meeting point to everyone, who wishes to sing a song to remember the Latvian and Lithuanian warriors who fought in the legendary Battle of the Sun of 1236.
To get to Zvirgdze dune, follow the wooden signs. In the territory you can find a parking space, a wooden campsite with a fire place, and an information board. A forest walking trail is also marked, as well as a staircase to the observation platform on the top of the dune.


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Photos: Vecumnieki TIP and Kaspars Krauze (@krauzevision) archive