The Mežotne hillfort is located on the left bank of the river Lielupe opposite the Mežotne Palace. It is one of the largest 9th - 13th century fortifications of ancient Zemgale, with the area of 3500 m2, the height exceeding 16 m. In the area between Mežotne hillfort and the so-called Wine hill (Vīna kalns), the ancient town spread over an area of 13 ha. Next to the hillfort, there is the recently reconstructed Cultural Premise "Mežotne church" and the graves of the Līvens family, owners of the Mežotne manor. Every year, Mežotne hillfort Festival takes place here. The "Bright Ant Trail" (Spožās skudras taka) has got various activities where children can learn about the unique inhabitants of the hill - the bright ant, the woodpecker, the grass snake, the leaf beetle, the stork and the bat. 

The Wine hill (Vīna kalns) is located about 500 m south of the Mežotne hillfort, a wooden path leads to it along the shore of the ancient valley of river Lielupe. This was probably the place of the ancient Zemgalian cult, but in the 13th century crusaders had settled on the hillfort for some time. A legend says that the God's Supper with bread and wine appears here from time to time. There is a pedestrian bridge over the river Lielupe (350 m), near the hill, which connects the hill with Mežotne Palace, but it is available between May and mid-October. By using a smartphone, it is possible to see the virtual characters, the ancient Zemgalians - Madis, Zīle and Māra. To do so - download the "SAN" app and point your camera at the sky.

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