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In 1609, Bauska was granted a city seal, and in 1615, Duke of Kurzeme - Friedrich granted Bauska the privilege of building a town hall, the construction of which began a year later. In those days, this was the most magnificent and luxurious town hall in the entire duchy. On the first floor of the building there was a room for weights and measures, and on the second floor there was a meeting hall of the lords of the town hall.

As the years passed and the building aged, after more than 200 years the town hall was in a very bad condition, soon to collapse, therefore in the second half of the 19th century, the damaged tower was dismantled, followed by the second floor in 1871. Only the first floor of the building was preserved, which served as a storage room for firemen's equipment, and later various shops were set up here. The building stood in this form until 2010, when the reconstruction of the Town Hall began.

Bauskas town hall is currently the only reconstructed 17th century town hall in Latvia.

Bauskas town hall serves both for representation and as an object of interest, marriage ceremonies take place here, delegations of high-ranking guests and important awards ceremonies are held here, but on a daily basis, customers are served here by Bauskas Tourism Information Center and the Registry Office of Bauska County. Tourists can visit the Weights and Measures exhibition and the interior exhibition.


Weights and measures in Bauska

During the tour, guests are introduced to the history of Bauska town hall, the ancient weights and measures in the Duchy of Kurzeme and Zemgale. At the end of the excursion, there is an opportunity to get weighted and measured in the ancient units of measurement - puds and cubits, receive a certificate for this, as well as to buy Bauska's special souvenirs "love meter", "confection meter" and "charcometer". The excursion is available for individuals and families, as well as groups of up to 25 persons.

The tour is free, but groups must book it in advance! The duration of the tour is 20-40 minutes, it is available in Latvian, Russian and English. Newlyweds are offered a special program - weighing and measuring the couple for a harmonious family life with the help of original measuring instruments - "love meter", "confection meter" and "charco meter". The duration of the program is 20-30 minutes.


Bauska town hall interior exposition on the second floor of the town hall

The rooms are equipped with authentic chandeliers, furniture and art objects of the respective era and their copies, creating a 17-18. century mood and providing an insight into the lifestyle of the citizens of Bauska at that time. A 17th-century map of Europe with Bauska marked on it, a drawing from 1701 depicting a panorama of Bauska with the town hall, portraits of the mayor of that time, judge and citizens of Bauska, as well as objects found in the excavations of the town hall form the connection of this environment with Bauska and its real inhabitants, creating an informative story about the city's past and its cultural and historical values. Authentic and unique art objects in Latvia - the 16th century tapestry "Cefalus and Prokrida", the only complete 17th century engraving "Last judgement" in Latvia - have returned the former glory of the town hall. Currently, the Bauska town hall is the only reconstructed 17th century town hall in Latvia.

The interior exposition of the Bauska town hall can only be visited with a guide, groups (from 10 to 25 persons) must book the tour in advance!

The duration of the tour is 20-30 minutes, it is available in Latvian, Russian and English.

  • Exhibition "Weighs and measures in Bauska!" with the possibility of getting weighted and measured, and receiving a certificate in the ancient units of measurement
  • Exhibition "City Hall Interior!"
  • The large hall of the town hall for marriage registration and representative events
  • Program for newlyweds "Weighs and measures in Bauska!"
  • Information about tourism opportunities in Bauska district, Zemgale and throughout Latvia is available at the tourist information center
  • An opportunity to buy special Bauska souvenirs - a charcometer, a love meter and a confection meter!


Free of charge