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  • Trešdiena 10:00-16:00
  • Ceturtdiena 10:00-16:00
  • Piektdiena 10:00-16:00
  • Sestdiena 10:00-16:00
  • Svētdiena 10:00-14:00
  • By prior arrangement!


The Skaistkalne magazine barn has historically been a part of the overall manor ensemble of Skaistkalne (Schonberg). It was built in the beginning of 19th century, in the construction using boulders and texturing with a tiny wedge plaster pattern which was pressed into the mortar. During this period, these type of barns were built to store food (mostly - grain) reserves. The most characteristic elements of the building are: thick walls, narrow, porthole-like windows as well as a low arched entrance doors. The Magazine barn is one of the most impressive elements of the former manor building ensemble - it is an architectural monument of regional importance.

Right now in building is placed an interactive exposition about Skaistkalne karst sinkholes and the karst geological processes!

An interactive and educational exhibition is placed in the Skaistkalne Magazine barn to highlight the uniqueness of Skaistkalne and educate about geological and geomorphological processes on this area. The purpose of the exhibition is - through multimedial solutions show the Skaistkalne karst sinkholes, how they arise, what happens underground and above ground, as well as simply to surprise visitors. It is possible to fulfil the interactive exposition with a hike to the Skaistkalne karst sinkholes in the forest to see these unique natural values in nature, ​​with your own eyes. It is also possible to join in the creative gypsium workshop.


Free of charge!