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This Latvian sauna-bathing ritual “Dvēseles dziednīca” (“Soul healing”) is located in unique farmstead ensemble “Everti” – the beginnings of the farmstead can be found already in 19th century.
Here visitors are welcome to choose from various bathing and healing procedures: sauna-bathing ritual, willow vibro-acoustic massage, amber therapy, neurography, Chakrafon vibro - acoustic massage. Bathing rituals are adjusted to each person individually, the duration of the procedures depends on the number of people and their choices.
Along with the sauna-bathing rituals, here, in different seasons, visitors also can participate in masterclasses, seminars, neurography classes, traditional events, but in August - in the annual open-air festival "Laika rata pietura Evertos” (“Stop of the Time Wheel at Everti”).
From 2022, Meditation Labyrinth is also available here - public, always open, it can be visited alone or in groups, or by organizing a special event. The Meditation Labyrinth consists of ensemble of five labyrinths, including the spiritual paths of four elements. The central labyrinth is one of the all-connecting, infinite, eternally renewing energy of Divine Love.
Amber therapy products, tea, unique wooden bowls available for purchase.

  • Thematic sauna-bathing rituals and procedures supervised by bathers
  • Astrological consultations
  • Neurography-aesthetic coaching session
  • Sauna-house rental
  • Accommodation (up to 30 pers.)


Thematic sauna-bathing rituals and procedures, supervised by bathers, depends on the choice (starting from 50 EUR/pers.)

Astrological consultations: 30 EUR
Neurography-aesthetic coaching session: 35 EUR
Sauna-house rental: starting from 50 EUR
Accommodation (up to 30 pers.): 10 EUR/pers

Photo: Lauris Vīksne, LTV /// Zemgale Planning region