There were two mills in the center of Pilsrundāle in the 18th century - the watermill and windmill of Rundāle manor built at the end (their remains can be seen on the other side of the road). The water mill of the Rundāle manor has managed to be preserved until today, although it has experienced two devastating fires during its operation. At that time, the mill operated with water power and, in addition, a steam engine was also installed. Along with grain processing, wool carding and spinning, as well as other works, were carried out in the mill.

The operation of the Rundāle water mill was restored in the thirties of the 20th century, when Voldemārs Bergmanis became their owner. Under the leadership of the new owner, the water mill building was renovated and fully equipped with the then most modern mill grain processing machines of the "O. J. Keller" company, extensive economic activity was developed here. Along with grain processing, carpentry, wool processing and fruit processing were carried out.

The mill was reconstructed in 2021, the museum gives an insight to see and understand the operation of the water mill of the last century and its essence. The water mill is spread over five floors and allows you to follow the path of the grain through the wooden shafts to the milled bag of flour.


A project aimed at creating a small brewery and starting beer production will be implemented soon. Rundāle mill will produce both light and dark beer.

  • Guided tours, also brewery tour
  • Rental of premises for holding conferences and events
  • Inventory rental in Rundāle watermill lake:
    -SUP boards;
    -rowing boats;
    -water bikes;


Entrance fees:
Admission is free for preschool children!
Adults: 7 EUR
Students 5 EUR
Students/seniors: 3,50 EUR
Students, groups over 10 visitors: 3 EUR/pers.
Family tickets – 1 adult and 2-4 students 10 EUR
Family tickets - 2 adults and 2-4 students 15 EUR

Inventory rental:
SUP boards, rowing boat or canoe: starting from 7 EUR/h
Water bikes – 10 EUR/h, each subsequent one 7 EUR/h