Darba laiks

  • May - September 9:00-19:00;
    October 9:00-18:00;
    November – April 11:00-17:00; Closed on Mondays


The castle is located in the territory of Bauska city and consists of two parts. The oldest - the Livonian Order Castle - was built in the middle of the 15th century, but only ruins have survived to this day. The newest one – the residence of the Duke of Kurzeme– was built at the end of the 16th century.

Bauska Castle characterizes the 15th-17th century military architecture in Latvia. Its oldest part is the only fortress of the Livonian Order built specifically for the use of firearms, while the newest part is a residence-type castle fortified with bastions, defensive walls and earthen ramparts.

The building is the only partially preserved residence of the Dukes of Kurzeme and Zemgale Ketler.

  • Bauska Castle visit in general (all together)
  • Viewing the historical exposition of Bauskas Castle for adults, schoolchildren and preschool children
  • Thematic exhibition ,,Costumes and ornaments in the Duchy of Courland (1561-1620)”
  • Thematic exhibition ,,Bauska Castle - military fortification”
  • Open-air military exposition
  • The digital exposition ,,Construction periods of Bauska Castle” in the Bauska Castle tower
  • Exhibition of Bauska Castle Decorative stone carvings 
  • Interior exposition
  • Fortress ruins, observation deck and scenic trail
  • Thematic programme ,,Dance lessons at the cour” (with renaissance dance lessons)
  • Thematic programme ,,Dressing culture in the Duchy of Courland” (with renaissance costume fitting)
  • Thematic programme ,,The Renaissance games”
  • Thematic programme ,,The story of the old purse”
  • Thematic programme ,,Lighting in a Renaissance castle” (nov – feb)
  • Programs for newlyweds and wedding guests ,,Visit to Duchess Anna” and ,,Romantic moment in the tower of Bauska Palace”


Traditional events
  • Ancient way of life school (during autumn, winter, spring period)
  • Early music festival "Vivat Curlandia!" in July
  • Fencing tournament "Ius Gladii - the right of the sword" in July
  • Regular music concerts


Entrance tickets:
Adults 9 EUR
Students and pensioners 4.50 EUR
Family ticket 19.50 EUR (2 adults, up to 4 children), 14,50 EUR (1 adult, up to 4 children)