Why visit Bauska?

The Bauska region can be called the cultural tourism metropolis of Latvia. Here you can get to know the main stages of art and architecture in a concentrated way, starting from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, up to the modern farmhouse. Within a 10 km radius around Bauska, you can see Latvia's most magnificent castles and manors, such as Rundāle palace and Bauska castle, Mazmežotne and Brukna manors, ancient hillforts, such as the Mežotne hillfort. Several castles and estates have been turned into hotels.

The vicinity of Bauska has long been the breadbasket of Latvia, as the specialization of the region is agriculture and the processing of its products. Many companies offer to see their farm or production, taste their products or show their ancient machineries. Therefore, in Bauska region, it is possible to taste wine and different types of cheese, to see old car collection in the recreation complex "Miķelis", in the Bauska motormuseum or in the open-air museum "Ausekļu dzirnavas". The Kaucminde School of Household has played its role in Bauska region, from which a whole generation of the most educated and best Latvian housewives grew up, whose fame and recipes have survived to this day. Also, the proximity of Lithuania has determined its peculiarities in the culinary heritage.

Thanks to the unique location, being at the confluence of two rivers, in the very middle of Latvia, the Bauska region has always been a convenient and interesting place for travelers, artists, event organizers, traders and athletes. Year after year, more and more new events are born and develop here, which becomes a tradition, than attracts everyone to Bauska. The most popular events are the international Ancient Music Festival in Rundāle palace and "Vivat Kurlandia" in Bauska Castle, Bauska TASTE, Mežotne hillfort Festival, Vimbu fish Festival, Sowing and Harvesting Festival in "Ausekļu Mill", motorsport competitions in "Piladžu Track" and car rallies in "Mūsa Raceland Track".

Several rivers flow through the Bauska region. At the confluence of Mūsa and Mēmele, the Lielupe - Latvia's third largest river - begins in Bauska. In spring and autumn, boating is popular in Mēmele, Mūsa and Lielupe, a popular route is from Bauska to Mežotne, or from "Lejenieki" to Mežotne.

Two marked cycle routes wind through the county: "Castles in the vicinity of Bauska" (cycle route no. 401) is designed as a one-day trip that leads through Bauskas and Rundāle, and the route "Rich Zemgale" (cycle route no. 402) allows you to enjoy natural resources of Bauska and Vecumnieki for two days. One-day hiking routes are also popular, for example, the "Bauska" trail of the nature park is a great option for those who want to take a romantic walk around Bauska along the picturesque banks of Mēmele or Mūsa, to Ķirbaksala, where Lielupe begins when rivers Mūsa and Mēmele meet (~ 1.5 km in one direction). The "Camino Latvija" pilgrim route of St. James winds through the region. Bauska is a popular place for vimba fish fishing, but it should be noted that from April 1 to May 16, only licensed fishing is allowed. Nature connoisseurs should definitely see the biggest inland dune in the Baltics - Zvirgzde dune and the unusual geological process – carst caves in Skaistkalne.

It will be possible to enjoy the peace and quiet of the region by staying overnight in one of the castles, manors or guest houses and holiday homes. You can relax from the daily rush by enjoying a rural SPA or sauna ritual in "Lielzemens", "Everti" and other places such as Mazmežotne manor and recreation complex "Rožmalas".

In order for today's youth to discover different living creatures, some farms have created mini-zoos, where it is also possible to meet foreign inhabitants, or have created and offer outdoor activities that can be participated in with family or friends. The most popular ones are - the mini zoo "Dobuļi", Rabbit Town and amusement park "Labirinti".

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