This recreation complex is located by the shores of lake, offering visitors accommodation in 7 log houses (both one-story and two-story), one is adjusted for people with special needs.
In the cozy guest house a banquet hall with a fireplace as well as sauna with jacuzzi are available – appropriate for events, parties, and different type of festivities.
Large area with spare space around the complex is accessible, so bigger events, such as children’s camps, wedding or birthday celebrations, sports games could be held in there.
Fishing is possible all day, but under several rules – fishing only from the shores, swimming and boating in the lake are forbidden, etc. Twice a year the lake is replenished with fresh and young fish! The most popular ones – carps, catfishes, pikes, zander, and more.
The complex offers full package – sauna, WC, picnic&grill place, camping place both for tents and campers, children’s playground, basketball, football and volleyball fields, Wi-Fi, shop and more!

  • Accommodation in 7 log houses (up to 65 pers.)
  • Guest house with banquet hall and fireplace (up to 42 pers.)
  • Sauna, jacuzzi
  • Camping place (for tents and camper cars)
  • Fishing in the lake
  • In summer season – event tent rental (up to 35 pers.)


Accommodation in log houses: depends of the type of house and persons staying!
Entire log house: starting from 110 EUR
Guest house with banquet hall and fireplace (up to 42 pers.): 240 EUR/24 h
Sauna: 50 EUR/min 3 h, +10 EUR for next h
Fishing in the lake: 12 EUR/day
Territory rental for events (weddings, sports games, camps, etc.): 950 EUR/24 h, entire complex for other visitors closed!