The Bauska region is rich in its diversity - rich in natural and cultural, historical values, places fulfilled with historical facts and evidences, notable personalities who leave a mark on nowaday generations, cultural places that allow you to enjoy cultural events until today, and nature, which surprises everyone in every season. Each of the locations keeps its own secret, creating an unrepeatable originality and uniqueness of the place. Therefore, learn about these locations, participate in the modern treasure hunt and discover the Bauska region anew!

Nowadays, geocaching is equated with treasure hunting - these cache finds are not perceived as literal treasures, but treasures in exploring places, expanding horizons and learning new knowledge. There are more than 50 geocaches located in the Bauska region, near tourist and nature objects, as well as in places of new discoveries in the area of Vecumnieki, Iecava, Rundāle and Bauska.
So far, Bauska region Tourism Information Center has created 13 new hides, rightly placing them in specific locations, highlighting the uniqueness and peculiarity of the place.

Take a look at the general geocache map at or in the GEOCACHING mobile app (GooglePlay or App store) and create your own geocaching adventure!


Be responsible and follow all geocache rules, especially one of the most important - the founded geocache must be placed where you took it, so that others can also enjoy hiding!