Bauska region tourist information center has compiled a list of places where you will not only get to know the cultural and historical objects of the Bauska region, but also get an additional opportunity – to climb higher and look further to experience the vitamin of Zemgale landscape!

Discover four reasons why you should enjoy the views from the towers in the Bauska region:

1. Discover the essence of Zemgale with the help of Māras Zālīte's poetry: Read these lines of Māras Zālīte's poetry, climb one of the towers of Bauska region, and learn the essence of Zemgale!

"The Zemgale plain is an airport for the soul,
running for breath, but breath — oh,
zemgalians, zemgalians give me your hand,
but they prefer freedom." /M. Zālīte "Zemgale"/

2. Change your point of view: It is said that to see things from a different angle, it is a good idea to change your point of view. Therefore, look at the landscape and the plain of the Bauska region from the church towers and viewing platforms!

3. Connect the past with the present by looking at the surrounding landscape: Feel the breath of history for a moment, observe the beautiful landscape, feel the historical energy of this place, and observe how people live and work in this region here and now.

4. Get an unusual perspective for photos: Take photos from a bird's eye view with a special, unusual and interesting perspective and accents. Share your photos - tag @VisitBauska and let others be inspired to explore the Bauska region!

# It's good to be in Bauska County! Feel the vitamin of Zemgale's landscape!

  • Bauska Castle. The observation tower is available to visitors during the museum's working hours. Pilskalns, Bauska, T. +37163923793
  • Bauska State Gymnasium. A visit to the gymnasium observation tower is only available in July by prior appointment. Uzvaras iela 10, Bauska, T.+37129712959
  • Cultural space “Mežotnes baznīca”. Exhibitions and visits to the observation tower Wed.-Sun.-12:00-19:00 Tu. - by prior appointment! (April-September). Rundāle pagasts, Bauskas novads, T. +37128022044
  • Iecava Lutheran Church. Visiting the church and the tower by prior appointment. Rīgas iela 11, Iecava, Bauskas novads, T. +37126403736
  • Iecava Catholic Church. Visiting the church and the tower by priori appointment. Lauku iela 16, Iecava, Bauskas novads, T.+37128677846
  • St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Budberg. Visiting the church and the tower by prior appointment. Budberga, Brunavapagasts, Bauskas novads, T.+37129479387
  • Valle Lutheran Church. Visiting the church and the tower by prior appointment. Valle, Valle pagasts, Bauskas novads, Tel. +37126253180
  • Skaistkalne Roman Catholic Church. Visiting the church and tower by prior appointment. Slimnīcas iela 3, Skaistkalne, , Bauskas novads, T. +37126411090
  • St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church of Kurmenes. Visiting the church and the tower by prior appointment. Kurmene, Bauskas novads, T. +37126411090