Bauska tourist information centre has created a google map, that marks main sights, attractions, cafes, playgrounds, picnic areas, play and party rooms for families with children.

The idea of creating such an offer arose already in 2016, when a thematic booklet "Holidays for families with children in the Bauska region" was published and  has been hihgly requested during these years. Developing this , we this brochure we paid attention to things that are important to mothers with small children.

For example, in the object descriptions, we marked suitability for specific age groups of children (suitable for babies/pre-school children/school-age children/teenagers). For the convenience of parents,  the availability of various services important for children, both in attractions and in cafes (such as a changing surface for children, a cover for the potty, a high chair for children, a play corner, etc.). Restrictions are also indicated at the objects, which are mostly movement restrictions in certain museum locations.

According to visitors' feedback

TOP sightseeing objects are:

  • Mini zoo "Dobuļi" near Iecava
  • Toy exposition of the Bauska Museum in Bauska
  • Amusement park "Labiritni" in Zorģi
  • Open-air object mini zoo  "Trušu pilsētiņa" near Codes
  • Bauska Motor Museum

TOP catering  places are:

  • Pub "Aveni" in Bauska
  • Pub "Sombrero" in Iecava
  • Recreation complex "Miķelis" in Uzvara
  • Recreation complex "Rožmalas"