In Bauska region, guided services are provided in each tourist attraction upon request, prior to your arrival (inquire at your chosen attraction).

Rundāle Palace Museum
Excursions are led by guides that are certified by the museum and have a specific procedure. List of certified guides:
See information: HERE

Guides in Bauska old town
Route in the old town: Town Square - Riga Street - Saules Street - Plūdoņa Street - Town Square - Lutheran Church - Catholic Church Garden - Peter's Stone - Freedom Monument - Bauska Castle (without visiting the castle itself). The tour is conducted in Latvian and Russian by the historians of the Bauska Museum: Aigars Urtāns, Raitis Ābelnieks.
Book the excursion in advance by phone: +371 63960509 or +371 63960508,,

Guide in Iecava
Route: Dievdārziņš, nature trail, Iecava Lutheran Church, Iecava Park and manor, great trees of Iecava Park, historical exposition "Arhīvs".
The tour is conducted in Latvian and Russian by storyteller Andris Kopeika. Book the tour in advance by phone: +371 26639727 (in Latvian, Russian)

Radio guide in Rundāle Palace and Bauska castle
Accredited guide for conducting excursions in the Rundāle Palace complex and Bauska Castle. The tour is conducted in Latvian, Russian and English by Bauska Tours Olafs. Radio equipment is available for up to 70 persons. Book a tour by phone: +371 29902006,

Theatrical excursion in Rundāle Palace
IU "Eleana" offers a theatrical tour with the reception of guests in Rundāle Palace, dressed in historical costumes. Book the tour in advance by phone: +371 29108396,,

Guide in Skaistkalne
Route: Skaistkalne Catholic church, Skaistkalne manor, historical exposition "Novadnieki", carst caves.

Tour is guided by:
Laima Indrike (in Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian), T.: +371 26346250,
Ingus Pavinkšnis (in Latvian, Russian, German), T.: +371 22018723,