This holiday thematic route includes the most outstanding parks and Great trees that can be found directly in the Bauska region. The route winds through Svitene, where several Great trees - oaks can be seen in the manor park, which gallantly stands as historical witnesses next to the once luxurious Svitene manor building complex - Svitene manor palace is still recognized as one of the most impressive classicism examples in Zemgale region. Great trees near Rundāle Palace have also grown from glorious times - horse chestnuts, ash trees, oaks and even apple trees are in the Great tree status here - guests can also visit the palace and the park or garden. Near the Mežotne hillfort and the Mežotne church, there is a scenic view of both the river and the Mežotne castle on the opposite river side, as well as Great trees such as oak, horse chestnut, and willow. The Jumpravmuiža, Iecava and Āne-Mēmele parks which are recognized as beautiful and full of secrets, invites every visitor to enjoy the proximity of nature, discover a secret and feel the majesty of the Great trees on leisurely walks, while in Bauska and Vecumnieki, everyone can discover not only the Great trees, but also the active urban environment!

Discover your favorite hoilday place in Bauska region, as well as explore at the mighty natural monuments - Great trees!

NB! The route can be done by car, in the order of free choice. Guide services are available at several sites and an entrance fee may apply.