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The name of the building comes from the reddish color of the building's bricks.
The construction of the "Red school" took place from 1887 to 1889. It was built as Vecumnieki (or as it was called at that time-Vecmuiža) elementary school. Already in the fall of 1889, 110 schoolchildren started studying at the school!
The construction works of the school were supervised by Andrejs Spekke - "the heart" of the school, headmaster, and local patriot. To honor Andrejs Spekke and his son Arnolds Spekke - a prominent Latvian historian, scientist, diplomat who also spent his first years at this school - a commemorative plaque was established on the building in 2017.
At the beginning of the school, a mandatory condition was set - the headmaster must live in the school, so the family of Andrejs Spekke had an apartment on the first floor on the right with several rooms and a spacious living room. On the first floor, on the left, there was a kitchen with a special entrance, leading to a path for bringing products. Next to the kitchen - a dining room for students, which in later years was divided into several classrooms. On the first floor, on the Eastern side of the building, there was a student changing room and bedrooms, but on the second floor there was a spacious gym and six classrooms.
Reading, writing, arithmetic, singing, Bible stories and catechism, or Christian lessons, were considered as the main learning subjects.
During the World war I, a hospital was placed in the school, and only in 1919, studies were reasumed. In 1921, the first graduation of the Vecmuiža Six-grade elementary school took place. From 1945 until 1975, school functioned as High school, whose individual classes were located here until 1993, when, unfortunately, the premises were deemed unsuitable for the learning process.
In 1997, next to the school, a memorial stone was unveiled to the first students and teachers of Vecmuiža parish.

Currently, the Multifunctional Social Services Center operates here, which still carries the name "Red School" - creative master classes, workshops, etc. events are held regularly, that can be attended by everyone (actual information is announced on Facebook profile).

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