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In the summer of 2019, the newly built Rundāle multifunctional center (MFC) opened its doors. It regularly organizes exhibitions, concerts and various events. An amphitheater has been created at the end of the multifunctional center, the walls of which are decorated with two sundials (created by an architect Mārtiņš Gills).

The sundial above the stage shows the local Rundāle time. This is the so-called solar time, which was used during the construction of Rundāle Palace (before the introduction of time zones). Local time means that the middle of the day is 12 PM, but the marked hours allow the time to be determined to or from the astronomical noon.

The sundial on the wall on the right is unique - it can not be found in the Baltic states and the two eastern neighboring countries. It represents the number of hours remaining until sunset on that day.


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