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In the family-owned woodworking company "Pakāpiens", the jewelry workshop of Lidija Reinberga, as well as a collection of antiquities, is set up for the visitors. Under the supervision of a jeweler, visitors are welcome to participate in making their own jewelry (especially pearl jewelry), for example, making beads, bracelets, earrings, key chains, anklets, strings for glasses, pendants, etc. Also, here visitors can buy a piece of jewelry already made by L. Reinberga – she has received an international certificate in jewelry making. Jewelry here is various, based on semi-precious stones from different countries: hematite, agate, jasper, aventurine, quartz, coral, lava, cat's-eye, etc.
In the premises next to the jewelry workshop, visitors can find collection of antiquities. Here everyone can explore several hundred different exhibits from the past century - starting with ancient Christmas tree lights and decorations, books, clothes and shoes, and ending with radios, hair stylers, instruments, tableware, and more!

  • Jewelry workshop, up to 8 pers.
  • Guided tour through collection of antiquities
  • Guided tour through the woodworking factory “Pakāpiens”


Creative workshop: 20 EUR/h + materials (the price also depends on the type of jewelry)