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The beginnings of the Garoza manor park can be traced back to 1791, when a beautiful and well-kept recreational garden with baroque and sentimental elements was created here. In the second half of the 19th century it was transformed into an English landscape park. In the summer of 2019, improvement works were carried out in the park. When entering the village of Garoza, you have to cross the restored historical bridge over the Garoza river, where the historical park of the Garoza manor begins on the right side of the road.

The landscape of this park is unique, because the small Garoza river flows through the park, which is crossed by a romantic arched bridge with planks, as well as a pond created near the entrance to the park. At the moment, when the ruins of the old manor house have completely disappeared, Garoza Park is the only place that will remind of the existence of the former manor in the future. At the moment, the park has paths, a parking lot, stage, lighting of the territory, tidy planting of trees and bushes, benches, bins and an information stand. In the spring of 2019, mountain maples, hazels, beeches, elder trees and sweet cherries were replanted in the park, which have successfully ingrown and now decorated the park, along with a variety of flowers in the summer period.


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