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The Bauska nature trail is located in the territory of the nature park "Bauska", Natura 2000, which stretches all the way to Mežotne. The Bauska nature trail starts in the old town of Bauska at a modernly equipped leisure area and parking lot on Dambja street, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Bauska castle. Heading along Dambja Street to Brīvības Boulevard, the path along the Mēmele river slope continues all the way up to Bauska Castle, before reaching the castle itself, there is an opportunity to take a photo at the rotating "Postcard from Bauska", which allows you to choose a view of the river or the castle. Continuing the road, you will come to the Bauska Castle, which was built in the middle of the 15th century and is the only restored Renaissance, Mannerist style castle in Latvia, which consists of the ruins of the Ketler residence and the fortress of the Livonian Order, and is definitely worth visiting and seeing.

This is the place where two rivers - Mūsa and Mēmele meet, Lielupe begins. According to a legend, a man called The Great Murza took the magical water from this confluence, which he recommended to the ladies of Kurzeme to bathe in for beauty purposes. He even sold this “special”water in barrels to the ladies in Jelgava and Riga. At the beginning of the island there is an art object that symbolizes the beginning of Lielupe. The place before the Ķirbaksala bridge is a popular starting point for boating enthusiasts on the "Bauska - Mežotne" route.

In the park, between the castle and Ķirbaksala, there is the Bauska hill stage, where various festivals and events take place every year. Those who like a longer walk can go back to the city from Ķirbaksala along the coast of Mūsa river and see impressive dolomite outcrops. The place before the Ķirbaksala bridge is a popular starting point for boating enthusiasts on the "Bauska - Mežotne" route, Mūsa, Mēmele and Lielupe are popular fishing spots during the spring time. During paid events taking place on the stage (Country music festival, theater performances, concerts, discos, etc.), access to this path is limited, as the territory is fenced off.


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