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At the end of 2023, a new art object has been created - "Black rooster in a ball" - is installed at Rīgas street 54 (indicatively) near the pontoon bridge. The idea of creating the Black Rooster as an environmental object in Bauskas arose in 2020, at one of the art plein airs organized by the students and young sculptors of the Latvian Academy of Arts sculpture department, teacher - professor Aigars Bikše, where students presented ideas for the development of the urban environment with practical and creative ideas .

The goal of the project was to create and expand the accessibility of environmental objects in Bauska, especially in the old town of Bauska and further from the city center, to promote the accessibility of art in the urban environment and society - to stimulate interest and expand knowledge about local culture and history through the prism of contemporary art.

The Black Rooster is a tribute to the pub, which was called "Black rooster" or "Black ball", which was very popular among local Bauska residents and rafters. The black rooster is made of polystyrene foam treated with acrylic resin composite materials and triaxial glass fibers. The author of the environmental object is Dāvis Vilbaks.

The city plan of 1839 shows a marked crossing over the Mēmele at the eastern end of the current Rīgas Street, or at its beginning at that time, but the first floating bridge over the Mēmele was built in 1874 at the place of the former crossing. Opposite the bridge on the left bank of the river, on the side of the street, were the buildings belonging to the Jew Abrams Hercikovich. In one of them was a pub popular with boatmen, with a sign decorated with a black rooster standing on a black metal ball. Because of the interesting sign, the people of Bauska nicknamed this place "Black Ball", also "Black Rooster". There, in the second half of the 1930s, songwriters known in Latvia under the stage pseudonym "Brothers Boatmen" (original latvian "Brāļi Laivenieki") composed the song "You, brother, it's not too bad to drink a glass of lemonade" that is still popular in Latvia to this day.