In the dark time of the year, you can create and give a feeling of celebration and coziness by choosing candles. The family owned company "Kristell" has been producing natural wax candles since 2016 and offers them in 15 different shapes and colors with 11 scents. Here everyone can find the most suitable product for themselves and as a gift - crystal candles in a jar, floating or printed candles, melting wax for aroma lamps, as well as already prepared gift sets.
But those who want to try their hand at candle-making can attend a candle-making workshop, which are organized for groups at the company's premises and elswehere.During the candle workshop each visitor will have the opportunity to find out about different types of waxes, look at different candle shapes, make his own candle - aromatic and floating, and search for candle crystals together!

  • Natural candle casting workshop for groups of up to 40 people (~ 1h) on site in the workshop or on call


For 1-5 persons: starting from 30 EUR
For 6-14 persons: 5 EUR/pers.