Darba laiks

  • Pirmdiena 10:00-17:00
  • Otrdiena 10:00-17:00
  • Trešdiena 10:00-17:00
  • Ceturtdiena 10:00-17:00
  • Piektdiena 10:00-17:00
  • Sestdiena 10:00-16:00
  • Svētdiena 10:00-16:00
  • The museum is open from May until October.


In the residence of the poet Vilis Plūdonis (1874 - 1940) there is an exposition dedicated to the life and works of the poet, while a family of rabbits created by woodcarver P. Students awaits guests at the Zaķīšu pirtiņa (Rabbit’s sauna). The path of the poet along Mēmele river leads to the poet's favorite workplace by Jautrais stream. In 2017, the museum was supplemented with the restored wheelhouse and barn. In the restoration project, a granary and barn exposition was created.

  • Tour of the expositions in the residential house, barn and carriage house
  • Program for newlyweds
  • The museum-pedagogical program "Visit the rabbit mum" for groups of children of preschool and younger school age
  • Museum-pedagogical program "Birds in "Lejenieki"" for groups of children of preschool and younger school age
  • The museum-pedagogical program "Vilis Plūdonis in life and poetry" for senior students
  • The museum-pedagogical program "Following the path of the poet" for students of senior classes
  • Museum-pedagogical program "Lejenieki farmstead" for students of senior classes
  • Museum-pedagogical program "My homestead" for 1. -9. class students
  • The cycle of museum-pedagogical programs " Annual celebrations
  • in Lejenieki" for schoolchildren and preschoolers
  • Creative workshops: making puzuri and suns from straws or cards with Latvian national patterns
Traditional events
  • The big day at the V. Plūdonis Museum in March
  • Vili's Day event in May
  • International Night of Museums in May
  • Annual celebrations


Entry fee:
5.00 EUR for adults
For pupils, students 2.50 EUR
Family ticket 10.00 EUR

Guide services in the museum (LV, RUS):
for a group of up to 10 persons 10.00 EUR
for a group of 11 persons 1.00 EUR/ per person
Please apply for guide services in advance by calling the indicated phone number: +(371) 26184631 or +(371) 27612064