Jumprava manor park is one of the most beautiful and romantic manor parks in Latvia. It is located on the rocky coast of Lielupe river with a terrain that is very uncharacteristic for Zemgale - dolomite rock outcrops, ravines, springs and even a small waterfall. The creation of the park began at the end of the 18th century, based on the romantic aesthetics of the 18th century.
Excellent architectural elements of the park are still preserved - the artificial castle ruins on the rocky shore of Lielupe river are the only ones in Latvia that were built at the end of the 18th century. In the ravine of the park, by the stream there is a former chapel, which also served as a romantic hermit's house, but deeper in the park, there is a hill with the tombs of the manor owner Lidinghausen-Wolf family, which was once decorated with a stone sarcophagus. Chapel - prayer house built at the end of the 19th century as an architectural element of a romantic landscape park. Such examples of park architecture are no longer preserved elsewhere in Latvia.
Currently, the park is a place where people of any age can gain energy and wisdom from nature, observing its peace and harmonious balance. In addition to many wild inhabitants, various pets live in the park, which help to take care of the park in a natural way - horses, sheep, goats, dogs, cats. Some, especially children, may find it interesting to know what it takes to make these animals feel good. In recent years, Jumpravmuiža Park has become a popular place for weddings.

Happy Hobby Horses

An opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Jumprava manor park in the saddle on a horse, almost 3 meters above the ground! During the walk, the assistant will tell a short history of this place.

House of Cavaliers (Kavalieru māja)

A well-furnished guest house is located in the park itself, accommodation options for 2 - 4 persons are offered.

  • Viewing the park with an excursion
  • Wedding venue
  • Horse riding (1-4 pers.), photo sessions with horses
  • Accommodation


Park visit: 1 EUR/h
Tea break in the view point overlooking the park for one person: from 5 EUR/h
Health-promoting horse riding with a tea break: from 30 EUR/h
Accommodation: from 115 EUR