The Bauska Freedom Monument is dedicated to the memory of all soldiers who died in the fight  for Latvian freedom. Its planning work began on 15th November 1923, in preparation for the fifth anniversary of Latvia's independence. In 1928, in honor of the tenth anniversary of Latvia, the foundation stone was laid, but the opening of the monument took place in 1929, with a service in Bauska Church of the Holy Spirit, the speech of the President of the Republic of Latvia Gustavs Zemgals, the parade of guards, students and other organizations and the subsequent festive feast in the hotel "Kurzeme" (now - Bauska Museum).

The names of four fallen soldiers are engraved on the monument, on one side it says "For the freedom of the fallen 1915-1920", and on the other side the lines of the poet V. Plūdonis Only those who die for the benefit of others can be great. He who has ears, let him hear!”.


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