The Āne-Mēmele Manor Park is created in the style as of English landscape garden, historically dating back at the same time as the construction of the manor - in the 19th century. In the park visitors are welcome to explore different and various types of trees – pine and fir trees, oaks, linden trees, most of them stork’s nest can be found on the top, even more than 20! An herb garden with plant descriptions, a picnic and fire place with firewood, boat dock, playground for kids, open-air photo exhibition and a viewing platform to the riverside are available.
Āne-Mēmele Manor was first mentioned in writings in 1593, and Francis Adams von Hahn, who owned the manor from 1909 to 1952, is considered to be the last nobleman. The manor was built in 1840, with reconstruction works in 1860 - this is confirmed by the initials and years left on the facade of the building near the front door.
Unfortunately, over the centuries, the remaining ensemble of the manor has perished and has not been preserved to this day.

NB! The manor can be viewed only from the outside!


Free of charge!