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Gauti nuorodas


Open-air exhibition of paintings in Iecava is located in the peaceful Iecava manor park, right next to the bridge over river Iecava. The trail was created by the society "RaDam" thanks to the co-financing of the municipality and support of other local financers.
These paintings were created by 14 professional and amateur artists, as well as students of the Iecava Music and Art School and others: Ilga Daina Āboliņa, Jeļena Kažoka, Agita Hauka, Ilze Buša, Dārta Stafecka, Gita Kravala, Ginta Zaumane, Kate Zaumane, Dace Okolovska, Ilze Buša, Vija Spalva, Lidija Kudapa, Anda Sproģe, Daņils Lapickis.
A total of 15 paintings and an information stand are exhibited - it is like a gift to the city and it was founded on July 1, 2021.


Free of charge!