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Amtmaņi Brothers Museum “Zvanītāju Bukas” – the native home of actors and theatre producers, brothers Alfreds Amtmanis-Briedītis and Teodors Amtmanis.
The name of the Amtmaņi brothers' home originated from the generations of the Amtmaņi family – while being bellwethers (Zvaniķi, zvanītāji in Latvian) at Valle church, as roe deer (buki in Latvian) often entered the courtyard from the forest.
Visitors are welcome to see the exposition - the main accent given on the contribution of the Amtmaņi family to the history of Latvian theatre as well as the local cultural traditions. Here everyone can walk around the rooms, explore some theatre attributes, look closer into Amtmaņi Family tree and take a look at the photos of theatre performances where Alfreds and Teodors took part in or learn about Valle parish culture history but in the exhibition room – see various art expositions.
Every year on the 5th of the August – on the Alfreds Amtmanis-Briedītis birthday – traditional celebration is happening, but an award, which is named after Alfreds Amtmanis-Briedītis and given to outstanding Latvia National Theatre actors, is presented every other year.

  • Visit in the museum, art expositions, guided tours
  • Thematical events – National Theatre Day, The Museum Night, Teodors Amtmanis Memorial Day, etc.
  • Program for newlyweds in theatral form (from 30 minutes to 2 hours, price depends on the offer)


Adults: 0,70 EUR
Seniors, people with special needs: 0,40 EUR
Children from 7 years: 0,40 EUR