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Gauti nuorodas


When replacing the old wooden chapel, this Classicism-style brick-and-dolomite stone wall church was built by Count Anton Komarovsky in 1870, and it is dedicated to St. Peter. The church was built as a branch of the Skaistkalne Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Heaven Roman Catholic church, intended to be for the Komarovsky family and the people of the manor.
After the suggestion of Kurmene major P. Komarovsky, the church was handed over in the 1919 to the Catholic church, when it was also established, afterwards available to everyone.
The church is 24.5 m long, 18.5 m wide and 8 m high building, with a tiled roof, two medium high tin-roofed towers with open windows. Between the towers, a wooden sculpture of St. Peter is installed – it is made from oak.

Kurmene manor was formed in the first half of the 19th century, and in its ensemble several buildings were included – the manor house, the basement, the Catholic church's rectory, the chapel, cellars, warehouses, barns, artificial castle ruins, windmills, a landscaped manor park. Over time, most of the buildings were burned down, destroyed, and now, after impressive restoration and reconstruction work, visitors are welcome to explore the restored barn and rectory, the manor park with a pond, as well as the Catholic church, artificially created castle ruins (now - smokehouse).
The premises in the renovated rectory can also be viewed from the inside – hunting trophies, a well-furnished dining hall and a guestroom. Also, the visitors are welcome to walk around the park where a clay pottery kiln, a small rural café and animal enclosures are established – ostriches, sheep, llamas and alpacas live here.
The manor complex also offers a country-style cafe - open by prior arrangement! In the premises it is possible to organize a small celebration or event. By contacting the employees it is possible to arrange caterers and adapt the premises for concrete event.


In the church - entrance on donation!
Manor park – free of charge!

Photos: From Vecumnieki TIP, Kaspars Krauze (@krauzevision) and Aigars Ziemelis (ZiemelisPhotography) archives