Guest house, which is surrounded by a forest and located on the banks of the Iecava river, officialy opened on October 2023.
It is about an hour's drive (~80km) from capital - Rīga, or 40 km from Bauska, Aizkraukle and Biržai (LT).
In spring and summer, guests can hear various sounds of birds in the forest, but in autumn and winter, the surrounding area is surrounded by the perfect silence of nature. The biggest surprise awaits in the spring (sometimes also in other seasons), when the small Iecava river overflows its banks and floods the entire area.


  • 4 accommodation places
  • Equipped kitchen
  • WC, sink and shower
  • Finnish bath/sauna, hot tub on the terrace
  • Outdoor grill and fire pit


Accommodation: 130 EUR/2 pers.

Hot tub: 70 EUR
Entrance with pet: 20 EUR