Two celebration premises are available in the guest house, one on the first floor of the building (up to 30 people), the other one (for up to 50 people) is available only during the season (from May till September). Beds are available on the second floor (up to 30 people). Fans of active recreation are offered to feel the team spirit with a game of paintball or try archery accompanied by an instructor.

The sauna ritual accompanied by a certified bath attendant will allow you to catch your breath and pamper yourself with natural scrubs, honey, chocolate or clay mask, enjoy a massage with natural oils and herbal tea.

  • Accommodation (up to 30 pers.)
  • A place to celebrate (30-50 pers.)
  • A place to hold sports games, available volleyball, basketball court
  • Paintball, archery
  • Sauna, sauna rituals


Guest house for up to 10 persons: starting from 160 EUR (or 16 EUR/ pers.)
Sauna rental for 3 hours: starting from 50 EUR
Paintball: starting from 7 EUR/pers.
School excursions: starting from 7 EUR/pers.
Sauna rituals: starting from 70 EUR/pers.