Darbo laikas

  • By arrangement!
    The themed classes are available from mid-April to mid-October (depends of weather conditions).


Gauti nuorodas


The environmental education "Pie Ozoldārza" invites you to spend your free time in nature, taking part in informative excursions, thematic activities and masterclasses dedicated to the environment and nature. These include:

  • The diversity of plants, animals, birds and invertebrates in Latvia and the world, their living conditions, interactions, ecosystems
  • Human impact on nature, impact of climate change, wise management that will not interfere with natural diversity
  • History of gardens and parks, rural landscapes, natural meadows, garden styles and ecologically compatible plants, garden design topics
  • General or thematic tours are offered, with the possibility to choose the topic of interest, the most appropriate format and the level of involvement. The content and presentation of the tours can be adapted to suit both large and small participants. The format and thematic content of the event shall be developed together with the visitors and agreed in advance.



  • Duration: 1.5-2.5 hours. Language offer - Latvian if requested Bilingual, English or Russian.
  • The route of the excursion is variable - the guide chooses the route for each excursion individually, according to the weather conditions, as well as the current opportunities for nature observation, plant flowering times and the interests of the excursion participants. 
  • The thematic excursion "We are known - a tree!"
  • Thematic excursion "Stories of Beech Trees"
  • Thematic excursion - identification training "Latvian Trees"
  • Thematic excursion "What is IADT?"

Thematic activities that help to go deeper into a specific environmental topic. Especially interesting for people who are open to new experiences

  • Insect familiarisation
  • Dragonfly birthday
  • Bees don't fly on jam
  • Teaching babies among wild animals
  • The importance of a snake's tongue
  • How some animals see the world
  • Who has better ears
  • A sense of smell for survival
  • Secrets of the sense of touch
  • What lives in a natural meadow
  • What grows in a natural meadow
  • Plant seed adventures
  • Find a dinosaur

Masterclasses offer hands-on experience and skills

  • Wood firing, tree/shrub trimming, glass/mirror painting, home decoration with plastic clay, soap making, making paintings and carpets from materials found in nature.
  • Duration 2,5-3 hours.



Guided tours for classes and other groups (30 people maximum):

  • Working days 20,00 €
  • Holidays 25,00 €

Thematic classes

Activities for families, classes and other groups:

  • Working days for groups up to 10 people € 25, for groups of 11 to 25 people € 35,00
  • Weekends for groups up to 10 people 30,00 €, for groups of 11 to 25 people 40,00 €


  • Fee € 20 per person, including tools and finishing materials for the work.

Tours must be booked at least five working days in advance by calling tel. (+371) 29293446 (Ludmila Knoka, weekdays 9.00-17.00) or by sending an application to info@docedis.lv.

In case of a change of plans, the excursion must be cancelled at least two days in advance. 

Special discounts may apply for curious families who wish to apply for several offers!