The disc golf course in Vecumnieki with total of 4 holes was established in the summer of 2021, in the peaceful Aizupe street park. The park is scenic, here you can see gorgeous flower beds, new tree plantings, wooden bridges, also, rest benches for a picnic are available.

How to play a disc golf?
The defining element of the game is the flying disc. The main task is to complete the entire disc golf course (in this place – throwing the disc into all 4 holes) by making as few shots as possible. Each subsequent throw is made from the place where the disc was thrown in the previous turn. The score is summed up by adding the number of shots used to achieve each goal and the penalty points. Penalty points, for example, are assigned for throwing the disc outside the designated area of ​​the course.
The winner of the game is the participant, who has completed his moves in entire track with the lowest number of points.

  • Disc golf course with 4 holes
  • Discs – only by prior arrangement!


Free of charge!

Photo: From Vecumnieki TIP un Kaspars Krauze (@krauzevision) archive