A family-run home production that produces delicious caramels. Ieva's homemade butter caramels are handmade. It is a natural product, without preservatives and dyes, consisting of only two ingredients - butter and sugar. Everyone is invited to learn how this simple, understandable, but delicious treat is made.
In the butter caramel masterclass, you will hear the story about the creation of the workshop, find out the most interesting historical facts about the origin of sugar and its journey to Latvia, as well as prepare butter caramels together with Ieva. Everything that will be left over and not consumed can be taken with you.
In addition, we inform you that within the educational section of the lesson, children are taught about fast carbohydrates, which include – how sugars effect human body and the responsible use of sugars in the diet, topped up with the principles of healthy nutrition and lifestyle.
The suitable age of the audience is from 5 years to unlimited age. (when booking a group visit, you must provide information about the group, including the age of group members, according to which the program of the masterclass is selected). If children come with their families, there is no minimum age limit for the suitable audience.

  • Butter caramel master class (approximate duration – 1 h)
  • Masterclasses to any place in Latvia


Master class: 20 eur/person

10 eur/person for school, preschool and senior groups

Contact tourist groups/companies/institutions individually