The history of the "Mūru mill" goes back several decades, when its original structure was built under the control of Kurmenes manor noblemen, originally built with thick walls. This is evidenced both by the historical photos and the visual appearance of the current building - the foundations of the building's masonry. Also, the original water mill turbine can be seen on the territory.
It is here that the poet Knuts Skujenieks spent his childhood and youth! K. Skujeniek's grandfather bought the mill when it was destroyed after the World War I - it was later restored. Over the years, when the Skujenieks family gave up their inheritance - "Mūru mill" - the property ended up in the hands of its current owner, a childhood friend of poet Knuts Skujenieks.

Knuts Skujenieks lived here with his grandparents from the age of one until he reached adulthood. He also depicted the time he spent here in the lines of poetry - contemplating nature, the Mēmele river, his family, and especially his grandmother. Even after renouncing his inheritance, in later years, the poet was especially welcome here and was even a frequent guest, as evidenced by the family oaks planted by the poet himself and the old photographs given to the current owner, as well as family antiques. In addition, every year in September, poetry lovers meet here to celebrate Poetry Days - until 2022 with the participation of K. Skujenieks himself.

Although the surroundings have changed over time, when visiting the "Mūru mill", every guest has the opportunity to follow in the poet's footsteps, learn about the history of the place, as well as view the collection of antiques installed in the mill building, where a large part of the materials once belonged to the Skujenieki family.

"There, on the shores of Mēmele river, I grew up with my grandmother and grandfather, where they had a mill. The children of my and my brother's schoolmates now live in that place, and they invite us to the local Poetry Days every year. Maybe a small parish needs poetry the most, I realized that after so many people gathered in the events. I simply cannot not go there, because several people who live there still remember my ancestors, especially my grandmother - a paramedic and a midwife. Several ladies came up to me and said: "Skujeniece has caught us!" " so told K. Skujenieks in 2021.

  • Guided excursion in the territory
  • Boat stop with resting place
  • Picnic place with grill and wooden canopy
  • Collection of antiques
  • Annual Poetry Day event (first weekend of September)


Entrance by donations!