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The memorial was designed and created by the sculptor Ģirts Burvis, who is also the author of the V. Plūdonis monument. The total area of the memorial occupies exactly the same area where the Great Synagogue of Bauska once stood, the stone figures symbolize the Jews coming out of the synagogue after the service.


In the center of the memorial is a symbolic bima, with the following text: "Dedication to the Jews of Bauska, who lived here for centuries and built this city, and who were killed by the Nazis and their local helpers in 1941. Honoring the memory of the Jewish people - the descendants of the Jews of Bauska and the inhabitants of Bauska".

The commemorative memorial "Synagogue Garden" was created thanks to the initiative of Bauska's Jewish descendants in Israel, the USA and Great Britain, donations, the support of the Bauska Region Council, Latvian Jewish congregations, and the community council.


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