• May - November - Freely accessible!


This is the place where two rivers - Mūsa and Mēmele meet, Lielupe begins. According to a legend, a man called The Great Murza took the magical water from this confluence, which he recommended to the ladies of Kurzeme to bathe in for beauty purposes. He even sold this “special”water in barrels to the ladies in Jelgava and Riga. At the beginning of the island there is an art object that symbolizes the beginning of Lielupe. The place before the Ķirbaksala bridge is a popular starting point for boating enthusiasts on the "Bauska - Mežotne" route.

The foot bridge to Ķirbaksala

The bridge, which is located behind the Bauska stage and leads to the beginning of Lielupe - Ķirbaksala, is not available from November to May because it has to been dismantled. SIA "Vides serviss" is responsible for installing the bridge. The most up-to-date information about the time of installation and dismantling of the bridge is announced at Please follow the information!



Free of charge