A unique opportunity to visit the home of the sculptor Mārtiņš Zaurs, to view the works of art created by the sculptor, the place where these works of art were created, as well as to learn more about the life of the sculptor. In the yard near the house there is a palace built by the sculptor himself, where he hosted guests.

Mārtiņš Zaurs (Mārtiņš Roberts Zauers, 1915-1998), was a Latvian sculptor, graphical artist and art collector. In his creative activity, the artist was very versatile, experimenting with various materials and techniques, he also enjoyed wood carving. Received several important awards, including Order of Three Stars. Several works of the sculptor can be seen in Bauska, you can learn more about them at the Tourism Information Center!

  • Tour with a story, a visit to the workshop and the surroundings


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