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Bērstele was established as a separate manor only in 1543, when it was inherited by two of the four Oto fon Grothus's sons - Detloff and Herman. During the existence of the manor, its owners have changed several times - after the Grothuses, it was managed by Ernst Johann Biron, while at the end of 1799, the manor became the property of the Grothuses again. Later, it was owned by Bers family, Nikolay Lambsdorff and Hans.

When arriving to the village of Bērstele, it is difficult to imagine that there was once a rich farm here, the manor inventory consisted of more than 20 buildings, including a manor house with a large fruit tree and berry garden, servants' houses, several granaries, mills, stables and even 3 taverns. No evidence of the above has been preserved to this day, except for a fragment of the park and one of the servants' houses. However, even today, Bērstele park is decorated with 200 year old linden trees and just like during the existence of the manor - Svitene river meanders leisurely in the corner of the park.