Airsoft is a teamwork sport, also known as military simulation game. The game uses replicas of weapons that fire 6mm plastic balls. Airsoft weapons do not emit paint, so Airsoft is a game of fairness, and each player has to determine a hit for himself. The game has been proven worldwide as a successful team or group bonding event, engaging adventure, a form of active recreation and a hobby. To make the sport more realistic, participants are required to wear military camouflage uniforms. Airsoft guns are equipped with various accessories, teams usually are using military-style tactics.
The player kit includes Airsoft gun, uniform, goggles/mask, gloves, scarf and ammunition for the game. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes when going to the game.

  • Thematic airsoft events
  • Thematic airsoft games (for bachelorettes, team-building, birthday parties, etc.)
  • Gift cards



Inventory rental: 25 EUR /pers./complect/24 h
Price for groups in thematic games: 250 EUR/10 pers. by prior arrangement!
Participation in airsoft thematic events: 30 EUR/pers.