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Visitors are welcome to walk in the park, which is located in the center of Vecumnieki village, to see the open-air exhibition of paintings "Tauriņu deja" ("Butterfly Dance"). All of the paintings are made by the students of the Vecumnieki Music and Art School: ten large-format paintings were created in the summer 2021 by 14 students of the visual arts program together with teachers Anda Sproģe and Indra Zālīte. The idea to involve children in such a project was inspired by the exhibition organized in the Svitene manor park.
The paintings are made on veneer, acrylic paint strengthened with two layers of varnish. The paintings displayed in the gallery were created individually and in groups by students: Elizabete Plūme, Stefans Kaurovs, Toms Logins, Lauma Lungeviča, Marta Roga, Emīlija Gerika, Aleksandra Rozmarija Zandberga, Līva Ieviņa and others.
In the park also outdoor training equipment and childrens' sand box with toys are accessible, as well as wooden benches for peaceful rest. While walking through the park, every visitor are welcome to explore unique greeneries which are planted by widely known persons.


Free of charge!