Traffic restrictions in Bauska - resurfacing of Kalna and Zaļas streets and construction of a roundabout

On the the second half of June 2024, the restoration of Kalna and Zaļās streets will begin, which will create traffic restrictions and increase the time for passing through the town of Bauska. Construction work is expected to continue until late autumn.

The main planned construction works are the restoration of the asphalt concrete surface for the roadway of Kalna and Zaļas streets in the section from Mēmeles bridge to Lidlauka street, see resurfacing at the existing roundabout of Kalna/Zaļas and Uzvaras streets.

The works will start with leveling milling of the pavement, repairing the pavement, replacing the manhole covers and continuing with the laying of asphalt layers.

After the pavement is restored, the horizontal road markings will be restored. Traffic organization changes will be introduced in the section of Kalna street, providing one basic lane in each direction, instead of the previous two lanes. Such a traffic organization solution will partially provide a traffic calming function, preventing overtaking maneuvers in a dense traffic flow, as well as increasing traffic clearance between transit traffic and pedestrian sidewalks.

Resurfacing of the bridge over Mēmele is also planned. It is planned to carry out renovation works for the existing bridge: replacement of cover and waterproofing, construction of new deformation joints, painting of railings.

As part of the project, the construction of a roundabout is also planned at the beginning of Kalna Street with connections to Mēmeles Street and Dārznieku Road.

You can find more information about the repairs to be carried out and the traffic organization on the website of the Bauska district HERE