12. July, 2024

from 19:00 till 23:00


  • From 19.00 - 23.00 DJ [EX] DA BASS will entertain everyone
  • Until 19.05, registration for the children's "MINION" competition in the inflatable attraction.
  • 19.10 "MINION" competition for children.
  • 20.00 Small competition in darts.
  • 21.00 "BEER PONG" tournament 2v2!
  • 23.00 Awarding of "BEER PONG" champions

(Indicative times of the event may vary slightly on the day of the event)

The event will take place outside on the territory of Harvest House. There will be tables where you can eat, a chill zone where you can sit comfortably and enjoy the atmosphere with our delicious cocktails, and a playground zone where tournaments and competitions will take place. You have to be there, EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Entry to the event: FREE!
A box for donations or support in creating events will be placed at the entrance door.
Participation in "MINION" competitions is FREE. The prize for the champion of the competition is FREE visit to the inflatable attractions throughout the evening. A separate visit to the inflatable attractions for a separate fee.
Participation in the darts competition is FREE. The prize for the champion is a cocktail.
BEER PONG tournament 2v2 intended for 18+. 16 teams will participate in the tournament. Participation fee 10 EUR per team. For champions, the MAIN prize is a 50 EUR Harvest House gift card.
On this great day, we enjoy the music, the atmosphere, eat, drink and good luck to everyone participating in the activities!

Harvest House