26. November, 2023

from 08:30 till 19:00 38 EUR

On 26th November!

You are welcome to join the "Jauni Rakursi" excursion to Zemgale / Semigalia!

Stories of the Zemgale manors - rococo details of the Codes manor, a moment for dreams, cake and coffee in the house of the Manager of the Vircavas manor and an exhibition of paintings by the old master Alfej Bromult in the fine Mazmežotne manor!

Start: 26.11.2023 8:30

End: 26.11.2023 ~19:00

Excursion program:

at 8:30 departure from Riga, stop at the Academy of Sciences
Utility break in Iecava
Let's visit the artist Ginta Zaumane's "Vīnakalna oven"! Vīnkalns ceplis tells its story from Iecava, from Vīnkalns, which is not like a mountain at all. Here you can learn the story of the creation of Zemgale ceramics and buy black (swept) ceramics. By the way, Christmas is not far away! (Visit 3 EUR)
Codes manor - the construction of the manor complex began in the 18th century. In the 40s, when Ulrich von Böck managed the manor. The main building of the manor has preserved its original size, the rococo decoration of the hall ceiling and doors decorated with wood carvings have also been preserved. Now the manor has acquired a new outfit and life - let's go take a look! (Excursion to the manor EUR 2.50)
Lunch in Bauska
The history of the Mazmežotne manor is connected with the family of noblemen Līvens, who farmed in Mazmežotne until the 1930s. The buildings of the manor were heavily damaged during the First World War. During the first independent state, it became a model manor house, but during the Second World War, the attic and roof of the residential building burned down. 2007 renovation works of the Mazmežotne complex were started. Currently, the Mazmežotne manor is a beautiful and tidy place surrounded by nature for guests to relax, as a four-star hotel has been arranged in the manor buildings.
From October 29 to December 8, an exhibition of paintings by the old master painter Alfej Bromult can be seen at the Mazmežotne manor. The exhibition was created from the personal archive of the owner of the Mazmežotne manor, Iveta Burkānes, creating an interior with paintings in the premises of the Mazmežotne manor buildings and the hotel. (Excursion to the manor, story and exhibition visit 8 EUR)
At the end of the tour, we visit the Vircavas manor's Manager's house, or the Manor's rooms! The house of the manager of the Vircava manor was built by the architect Severīns Jensens in 1776, according to the order of the Duke of Kurzeme and Zemgale Pēteris Bīron. A family of Manor rooms is now operating in the Duke's Manager's building, waiting for visitors. Let's go on a tour, during which you will see the values of the house, hear the story of the Manor family, maybe also something musical, and immerse yourself in thoughts while enjoying an unforgettable cake with aromatic coffee! (Excursion in the manor with cake and coffee tasting 10 EUR)
Return to Riga around 19:00
Excursion price: 38 EUR

The price includes: seat on the bus, accompanying guide

The price does not include: entrance fees, meal fees, etc. costs

Application for the tour by phone 29257464 or