25. November, 2023

from 18:00 till 20:00 10 EUR Biļetes

Concert "Mysterious Italy" in Bauska Palace - a unique musical experience in a historical environment.

On 25th of November at 18.00 at the Bauska Palace, visitors will be able to enjoy wonderful music at the "Mysterious Italy" concert, which will be appreciated by many music enthusiasts. Outstanding artists will perform the most brilliant Italian arias of the 16th and 17th centuries with Petrarch's poetry and virtuosic instrumental opus.

The owner of the velvety warm and sensually bright voice, opera soloist Jolanta Strikaite-Lapiņa will perform at the concert. The soloist will perform the brightest Italian Renaissance and Baroque soprano arias. Raimonds Melderis will demonstrate his virtuosity with the baroque violin, while the musical accompaniment with the harpsichord and the Bauska Palace will be made by the connoisseur of ancient music, harpsichordist Pēteris Vaickovskis.

The music of Orlando di Lasso (Orlande de Lassus, 1532-1594), a Flemish composer who dominated Europe during the Renaissance, will be performed. In the 16th century, he was the composer of the court chapel in Munich, making Munich a European city of music. As a sign of high respect, the composer's contemporaries called him Princeps Musicorum (Most Outstanding in Music, Master in Music).

In addition to the works of Olrando di Lasso, the concert will also feature the music of Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643). Claudio Monteverdi was the first great master to focus on opera, which arose in Italy at the turn of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The composer created the famous opera "Orpheus" (1607), influencing generations of composers through the ages to the present day.

The concert will also feature music composed by the Italian composer and violin virtuoso Marco Uccellini (Marco Uccellini, 1603-1680). The composer was active in Northern Italy in the mid-seventeenth century.

The music created by the Venetian composer Barbara Strozzi (Barbara Strozzi, 1619-1677) will provide high emotional sensitivity. She is one of the most important composers who created Italian cantatas and baroque arias. Barbara Strozzi's works were widely published during her lifetime and were essential to the historical development of vocal music and opera after the Baroque era.

You will hear Italian Renaissance and Baroque soprano arias with Petrarch's poetry performed by Jolanta Strikaites-Lapiņa. Francesco Petrarca (Francesco Petrarca, 1304-1374) was an Italian poet and philosopher. He is known as one of the first Renaissance humanists. Francesco Petrarch studied law, but his heart called him to turn to art and God. He spent the rest of his life as a clergyman, a brilliant philosopher and a poet. Francesco Petrarch's sonnets were admired and imitated throughout Europe during the Renaissance and became a model of lyric poetry.

You are invited to join the group of listeners to enjoy the music that has touched and thrilled the hearts of people throughout the centuries, performed by outstanding artists - Jolantas Strikaites-Lapiņa, Raimonds Melders and Pēteras Vaickovskis.

Cost for a ticket 10 EUR and can be purchased at the ticket offices of Bauska Palace Museum and Ticket Paradise.

You can reserve tickets by calling tel. 63922280, 20011880 or e-mail: Reserved tickets must be purchased no later than 30 min. before the event.

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