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Here you will find everything you need for a full-fledged rest by the water - boat and SUP board rental, beach, sauna and even a black sauna in a wigwam.
Birch house: in the woods, next to a lake, a great place to enjoy the silence. Swimming and fishing, is available, as well as canoes, SUP boards, sauna, volleyball court, soccer field and hot tub, gireplace, outdoor kitchenette, grill for every visitor.
A hunter's lodge: with a special atmosphere next to the lake, here the nature will allow you to enjoy the choir of nesting birds, the frog orchestra,  beavers sharpening their teeth, and see the hunter trophies in the lodge. This lodge will allow you to experience primordial emotions. The hunter's lodge has a sauna and a hot tub available.

  • Birch house
  • A hunter's lodge
  • Tent site (up to 6 spots), provided with fire place, WC.
  • SUP/Catamaran rental, boats


Birch house: starting from 60 EUR/day
Hunter's lodge: starting from 70 EUR /day
Sauna: 40 EUR
Hot tub: 50 EUR