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History enthusiasts who have fallen in love with the charm of the gallant of the Rococo era and are fans of other historical styles, have united in the association "Historical Reconstruction Studio "Rococo". Enthusiasts' passion is learning the history of fashion, making costumes and accessories, showcasing costumes as part of theatrical tours and performances, or "reviving history".

Since 2018, we have furnished the association's creative space "Mazā muiža". On their own, as well as by attracting EU co-financing, a second breath was given to an old barn building, where a collection of historically imitated costumes and accessories, created over the period of 15 years, is housed. The exhibition hall is open to visitors and allows you to see the development of fashion starting from the second half of the 18th century until the end of the 19th century. Members of the association are the authors of all the costumes and accessories available in the exhibition.

  • An attractive story about fashion history and everyday nuances
  • A masterclass about good manners
  • Photo session with trying on historical costumes
  • Handmade souvenirs


Viewing the exhibition:
Adults 4 EUR
Pensioners 3 EUR
Students 2 EUR

Tour of the exhibition (by prior arrangement):
Adults 7 EUR
Pensioners 6 EUR
Students 3 EUR

Dress fitting:
For children from 3 EUR
Adults from 5 EUR

Historical costume set for a photo session:
Adults from 25 EUR
For children from 10 EUR